Mark Sanchez for San Francisco Board of Education

Join us in
Mark Sanchez, President of the SF Board of Education

With 27 years of experience as both a classroom teacher and a principal, Mark Sanchez knows firsthand the challenging issues that face our students, parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Whether as a classroom teacher, school principal, co-founder of Teachers 4 Social Justice, or President of the Board of Education, Mark has consistently worked to create quality schools for all of our children while giving a stronger voice to parents, caregivers, teachers, and all those working for our students.

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We are proud to have the support of so many city leaders, organizations and individual educators, parents/caregivers and students…

For Families

I am committed to making our student assignment system more transparent and predictable. I want parents to have multiple viable options for their area’s public school…

For Students & Educators

Bringing necessary resources to our students and educators is a top priority. I will create legislation to get SFUSD basic aid which would bring over $150 Million to our schools…

Mark Sanchez by the Numbers


Experience as an Educator

160+ Million

New Dollars to Schools


Experience on the
Board of Education

57,000+ Students

Our Motivation
to Fight for
Public Schools


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Be a part of our *Community Integrity Campaign! Our campaign is not taking donations. Let’s put our money where it belongs… With Our Students and Schools!

Wait…. Why NO donations?!?! Our Community Integrity Campaign – join us!

In the last election for our local San Francisco Board of Education, candidates spent nearly $100,000 to convince the public (unsuccessfully) to vote against their own interests. Charter schools lobbies have spent millions of dollars across the Bay Area to take over school boards. We want big money and special interests out of our politics. Access to political positions of power should not be about how much money a candidate can raise. While we are not saying there should be no money in politics, until big money is out of politics, all elections should be publicly financed and there should be a cap on how much money can be spent by any candidate.

Over the years in San Francisco, grassroots campaigns have demonstrated that we can win campaigns without taking special interest money. We believe that my record and experience as an educator is invaluable to best serve the needs of students, families and educators on the Board of Education. We are able to win on the strength of our ideas, experience in education, and powerful relationships with family, youth and educators. We will do the hard work and put in the time in to engage voters across the city. We will win.

So I ask my supporters to contribute to support your local public school. Schools need your help now more than every, and every donation will help make a better world for our students.


“A Teacher’s Teacher”

Mark Sanchez has been a SFUSD teacher and principal and a huge advocate for our children and parents within the district.

Kim Garcia-Meza, Director, Las Mananitas Child Care Center


“Leading with integrity”

Mark Sanchez is the type pf leader we need on the School Board. He has my complete trust to think of schools as part of a larger community and to put children, families & educators at the center of his decisions.

Diana Pang, Chinatown Community Development Center


“Experience we trust!”

Mark has always stood up for educators. From when he was the lone educator on the Board until now as President, Mark has been consistently fighting for our schools.

Karen Zapata,
Teachers 4 Social Justice