With 24 years of experience as a both a classroom teacher as well as principal, Mark Sanchez knows firsthand the challenging issues that face our students, parents and teachers.

As the co-founder of Teachers 4 Social Justice, Mark has worked to create quality schools for all of our children, to give a stronger voice to parents and educators.


Mark was one of the main authors of the March 2004 ballot measure Prop H (the Public Education Enrichment Fund) that was resoundingly passed and renewed by the voters in 2015. The Public Education Enrichment Fund will provide an annual increase in funding for our schools by $60 million,  for increased student services, including librarians, nurses and athletic coaches; arts programs; universal Pre-K programs and other needed services for our city’s students. In 2008 as president of the Board of Education, Mark lead the board’s effort to pass Prop A, and secure a parcel tax to raise teacher salaries and to help make San Francisco more affordable.

Mark continues to be a strong advocate for:

  • Quality Schools for All Students
  • High Quality Universal Pre-K Programs
  • Transparency in District Administration and School Board Decision Making
  • Increasing Resources for Classrooms
  • Increased Parent, Student, School Worker Voice

Please join our campaign to help San Francisco’s students, teachers and parents by re-electing Mark Sanchez to the San Francisco Board of Education.

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