Legislative Experience


Mark Sanchez has been served over 27 years in public education. In his time on the Board of Education, here are some of the key legislation and issues he has worked on for educators, our youth and their families:

Call For Reallocation of City Funds to Support School Counselors and for Renegotiation of School Resource Officer Memorandum of Understanding (Resolution No. 34-22A9) This resolution supports the re-allocation of City funding to school counselors and other school personnel who can better perform some of the non-police functions such as restorative mediation, truancy support and counseling in SFUSD secondary schools. Download the PDF

Urging the San Francisco Police Commission to Initiate Investigation into Police Action at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School (Resolution No. 33-11A3) This resolution urges the San Francisco Police Commission to convene a hearing on the Thurgood Marshall H.S. events and to initiate an outside investigation into possible police misconduct. Download the PDF

Formation of an Ad Hoc Committee on Testing and a Community Advisory Committee on Testing to Advise the Board of Education on Alternative Assessment Systems (Resolution No. 25-28A21) The resolution urges that an educationally sound assessment system that is not attached to high stakes consequences should be implemented and how such a system might be used in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Reporting on the Distribution of Teacher Resources (Resolution No. 33-25A17) This resolution requests that the Superintendent direct the staff to prepare a survey in order to analyze the tenure and salaries of teachers of all school sites in order to determine the actual spending on teachers at each school site and prepare a report for the Board of Education. Download the PDF

Strengthen Student Voice in Board of Education Decision-Making (Resolution No. 31-14A6) This resolution urges the Board of Eduction to more fully involved its students delegates in decision-making by providing full access to non-priviledged Board information, adequate Board Office space and more access to commissioners for policy collaboration. Download the PDF

In Opposition to the California High School Exit Exam (Resolution No. 210-22A6) The resolution requests that the Superintendent of Schools and her staff to examine the legal issues related to High School Exit Exam and pursue creative legal strategies which may prevent the State of California from implementing the High School Exit Exam in the San Francisco Unified School District. Download the PDF

Resolution to Support a Small Autonomous Schools Policy for the San Francisco Unified School District (Resolution No. 21-8A6) This resolution directs the Superintendent to convene a small schools working group to be included as part of her High School Task Force and report back to the Board. Download the PDF

Resolution in Support of Assembly Bill 540: Non-Resident Tuition/Financial Aid for Immigrant Students (Resolution No. 18-28A8) This resolution urges the California Assembly to pass a bill that will grant all of California’s high school students resident tutition, including those whom are undocumented immigrant students.

Renaming of Potrero Hill Middle School of the Arts to the Enola D. Maxwell Middle School of the Arts (Resolution No. 16-12A2) This resolution renames a middle school after a community and civil rights activist.

Schools Community Communication with Board of Education (Resolution No. 32-11A5) The resolution welcomes and encourages all members of the school community to bring ideas, issues and concerns before the Board. Download the PDF

Recognition of Project OLE (Outdoor Learning Environment) at San Francisco Community School (Resolution No. 15-22A9)

Support of Day of Education and Action Against Education Budget Cuts (Resolution No. 34-8A8)

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